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Pioneer Brush USA- Brush Making
Pioneer Brush USA Brush Head Making

Pioneer Brush is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of professional grade decorating products. With our origins tracing back to the 1930s as dressers of natural bristles and fine hairs for use in brush and broom manufacture, we have a history and an expertise in all aspects of brush and roller manufacture that is second to none. Pioneer has built on that knowledge and know how and with research and development at the forefront, produces some of the very finest decorating products currently available in the market that perform superbly with modern as well as traditional paints.

Pioneer Brush USA Brush Handles

In general, paints today are water-based using acrylics and latex resins. These are much thicker than traditional oil-based paints which are still available for use in certain applications. At Pioneer, we produce all our own filaments and blend these to suit paint type and the surface to be painted. Whether for indoor or outdoor painting, wood, plaster or brick, our brushes have customised blends to maximise paint pick-up and delivery.

We believe that painters and decorators are craftsmen and craftsmen deserve the best tools which are well made and durable. Our paint brushes are designed to last. With multiple anchors and the use of the latest epoxy resins, they will not break. Our handles use hardwood timber from sustainable forests, under the FSC Chain of Custody system, and are kiln dried stabilized at our plant to prevent cracking in humid environments. They are then smoothed and polished to give a comfortable grip for the user.

Pioneer Brush USA Brush Head

Pioneer brush filaments are steamed to shape. This gives the brush head a permanent taper which ensures that precision paint application is maintained throughout the lifetime of the brush.

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