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How To Load A Paint Brush

How to load a paint brush

In this post, we’ll discuss how to load a paint brush, specifically how to load Pioneer brushes to ensure the best results.

Pioneer brushes are made with a high fill content and medium to long filaments. We use our own formulations such as Technofil® and M66 Bristle Replacement which use high absorbency filament such as X cross section and long wave profiles. We would therefore recommend that brushes are not immersed into paint more than 30% to 50% of the length of the filament so as not to overload the brush.

Once loaded, the procedure would be the same as any standard method:

  1. Let excess paint drip off.
  2. Gently wipe the brush on the edge of the paint can.
  3. Twist and turn brush up to allow paint to settle in the brush well.

As you paint, make sure to keep a wet edge to the brush. On very fast drying acrylic paints, wash the brush out regularly to avoid paint drying on the filament so keeping it clean with all filament free of dried paint. This will ensure best results and extend the lifetime of the brush.

Painting with long brush strokes is recommended. Due to the absorbent nature and smooth release of Technofil® filament, this can be achieved easily, saving time and therefore cost.

After use, wash out thoroughly and store in a keeper to maintain the brush head shape for pointing work the next time in use.

Peter Samuel has been in the brush trade since 1985 where he has been active in markets such as Italy, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. As a result of his involvement in mold injection and brush-making machine companies, he gained comprehensive knowledge of brush-making, not only understanding filaments but all other aspects of the product, including how to manufacture it. With his extensive knowledge and experience, he has built a company that produces high quality paint brushes and paint rollers and is at the forefront of technological advances in filament performance.

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