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Spirit Microfiber Paint Roller Semi Rough Surfaces

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  • 9” x 1 ½” roller refill.
  • Microfiber fabric.
  • High paint pick-up.
  • Excellent coverage with thinner paints.
  • No fabric shedding.


Our Spirit Microfiber Paint Roller for semi rough surfaces is made with microfiber fabric and is 9” long with a 1 ½” diameter. This refill will fit any 9 inch roller frame or 4 wire, 5 wire or even economy cage-less frames.

Microfiber fabric has been a part of the range of tools used by many decorators since it first appeared back in the 1990s. Microfiber fabric is formed by twisting yarn and then weaving that yarn into the backing strip. The twisted construction enables increased paint pick-up by having much more fiber surface per woven tuft. The other key characteristic of microfiber fabric is that it works especially well with lower ( thinner) viscose paints due to its close construction and easy dispersion.

Our rollers are all made with fabric that is spirally wound on to a central hollow core and melted into place giving a bind that will not fail. The fabric is then combed and carded and trimmed to the desired height. The internal construction of the refill is made with a PP tube which is hollow and designed to fit any standard roller cage frame. Due the production process used with our Microfiber Paint Roller, there is no fabric shedding.

This roller is perfect if you are looking for a paint roller that has high paint pickup, excellent coverage and works well with thin paints.

Our rollers can be cleaned and re-used regularly. Alternatively, it can be stored in our Provinci Roller Keeper system which will keep your rollers fresh for up to 3 months.  This storage system will not only save you time but paint too.


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