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Spirit Microfiber Mini Roller Refill 6″

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  • High paint pick-up.
  • Excellent coverage with thinner paints.
  • No fabric shedding.
  • Available in pack sizes of 2 and 10.


The Spirit Microfiber Mini Roller 6″ is the perfect size for any do-it-yourselfer or decorator and can be used across a variety of projects. It’s ideal for thinner paints, has excellent paint pick up and coverage, and does not shed fabric during use. The paint roller can fit on most standard mini roller frames and is small enough to tackle detail work on furniture and trim.

Mini rollers entered the market in the 1990’s as an alternative to paint brushes especially for painting smaller areas. These rollers can be made of a variety of fabrics but are usually made with foam or microfiber. Microfiber mini rollers are ideal for thinner paints and emulsion work.

Microfiber fabric is a twisted yarn construction which enables great paint pick up because there are more fibers for paint pick up per piece if fabric. The microfiber mini roller is made by spirally winding the fabric onto a central core which is then glued into place. The fabric is then combed, carded and trimmed to ensure an even height.

The core of the roller is made with a polypropylene tube and an ABS inner tube which creates a locking mechanism that will work with any standard stick system for mini rollers.

This roller in available in 2pc pack or 10pc multipack. These rollers can be used for both indoor and outdoor painting.

Need a smaller microfiber roller? Check out our Spirit Microfiber Mini Paint Roller 4″.

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