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Spirit Technofil Oval Paint Brush

4.71 (7 reviews)


  • Oval paint brush head steamed to shape; loads up in the middle and lays off on the sides.
  • High quality, long lasting synthetic filaments.
  • High paint pick-up and smooth release.
  • Flagged tip for excellent coverage without brush marks.
  • Available in four sizes; 1”, 1 ½”, 2”, 3”.
  • Oval shape combines high paint pick up and precision painting.
  • Triple locked brush assembly.
  • Stiff formulation for modern acrylic and latex paints.
  • Kiln stabilized top quality beech handles from sustainable forests.
  • Stainless steel ferrules.
  • Technofil ®


Are you looking for a high quality oval paint brush for a smooth finish? Look no further, out Spirit Oval Paint Brush is the perfect paint brush for your indoor and outdoor painting needs.

Our  high quality oval paint brushes are manufactured with long filaments that are shaped to allow for precise and smooth release into tight corners. The paint brush loads up in the middle of the brush and lays the paint off on the sides which makes the oval brush ideal for painting in tight corners. The brush has a flagged tip which allows for smooth brush strokes and excellent coverage without brush marks. This brush is ideal for painting straight lines without using any tape.

All Pioneer oval brush heads are made by hand and combed up to ensure straightness before gluing. The gluing process is done with precision and care with gluing done in temperature controlled rooms to ensure stability. All brush heads are glued over the ferrule ribs which provides a double lock ensuring additional stability.  Brush heads are then cleaned out by being sanded, carded and flagged and then steamed to shape. This ensures that the brush maintains its tapered shape for precision painting with minimal bristles lost.

The Spirit Oval Paint Brush is manufactured with a wooden handle made of hard wood beech that has been FSC certified. This means the wood used for our handles has been sourced from forests that are responsibly managed. The hard wood beech is weathered and kiln dried in ovens which reduces the humidity in the wood. This stabilizes the wood to give you a durable and sturdy handle.

The wooden handle is then cut to size and shaped before being smoothed and polished with matt wax to seal the handle. This ensures stability of the handle over the lifetime of the paint brush which means the handle will not bend or warp. Brush handles are designed to give a good balance for the user.

The oval paint brushes are manufactured with a triple lock – we put a screw into the top of the handles and this is then inserted into the back of the brush head before the resin sets. This means that the resin bonds around the screw head creating an extra lock. All brush heads are secured with a stainless steel ferrule.

Pioneer Oval brushes are a true craftsman’s painting tool, ideal for cutting in, painting window mullions and applying your paint product with precision. These high quality paint brushes made with synthetic bristles holds the paint well and produces a smooth finish.

This brush can be used with acrylic and latex paint types on any surface.

Pioneer brushes are easy to clean after use as they are made with synthetic filaments and paints are not absorbed into the filament as they are with natural bristle. Brushes used with water-based paints such as acrylic or latex can be cleaned by rinsing them out under water. Brushes used with oil based paints must be cleaned with solvents. Once cleaned, these brushes must be stored in a hard case storage keeper or in the original sleeve packaging.

Go ahead and buy your paint brush which is available in 1”, 1 ½”, 2”, 3” sizes.

If you are looking for other brushes ideal for precision painting check out our Spirit Angle Sash Paint Brush and Swift Angled Paint Brush for indoor painting and our Swift Angled Sash Paint Brush Masonry for outdoor painting.

If you’d like to purchase the a set of these brushes, check out our Technofil Oval Paint Brush Set.

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7 reviews for Spirit Technofil Oval Paint Brush


    I’m very impressed with the load up and holding quality of the SPIRIT OVAL range of brushes. The bristles are of just the right stiffness and lead to a good even finish with all of the emulsions I have used so far. The bristles also clean up very well,leaving no residue of other colours trapped in the head of the brush,which is one of the biggest problems with other makes. Excellent product and recommended!

  2. peter george Samuel

    great brush

  3. Louise

    This brush is a pleasure to use, no loose bristles and gives a great edge.

  4. Anne (verified owner)

    I switched to Pioneer brushes this year, I teach painting for film/tv/theatre sector and also made the switch on my supplies list for classes. These brushes are superior quality especially when price factors in. They’ve held up well to a year’s worth of student painters and student cleaning. I’m excited to keep using these products. The shipping was also very smooth and fast for over 25 orders throughout 2020-2021. Highly recommend these brushes over all others on the market. Good paint capacity, bristle feel, solid construction.

    • Peter Samuel (store manager)

      Thanks Anne.

  5. Gordon

    This is just a great brush. Has the loading of a flat brush but better detailing because of the thinner edges. Comfortable handle / ferrule recessed connection and handle fits in hand comfortably.

  6. Timothy Kenney

    Great brush!

  7. Timothy Kenney

    Great brush – ordering more.

    • Peter Samuel (store manager)

      Hi Timothy,

      Many thanks for the review.



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