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Swift Flat Varnish Brush Masonry

5.0 (1 review)


  • Flat brush head shape for trim painting.
  • Ideal for edging and painting straight lines.
  • Solid filaments for bend recovery.
  • Excellent for use on rough surfaces.
  • Double locked brush assembly.
  • Stiffer formulation for thicker paints such as acrylic or latex paints.
  • Kiln stabilized hardwood brush handles made from sustainable birch.
  • Brush heads steamed to shape to ensure a lifetime of precision painting.
  • Stainless steel ferrules.
  • Available in sizes 1,1 ½”, 2”, 2 ½” 3” and 4”.


The Swift Flat Varnish Brush has a flat head shape and is the optimum shape for trim work, paneling or edging windows and doors while painting straight lines down your walls and around corners.

With its stiffer formulation, this brush can be used to paint with thicker paints such as latex or acrylic.

The solid filament of the brush allows for excellent bend recovery.

Able to keep its precision for years after you buy it due to our brush making process which entails combing, sanding, carding and flagging the brush before steaming it to shape.

The handles are made of kiln stabilized hardwood that is made from sustainable birch which has been certified by the FSC. Each brush is secured with a stainless steel ferrule as part of our double lock assembly process. The stainless steel ferrule also prevents rust resulting in a brush that not only maintains its shape but also doesn’t rust.

The Swift Flat Varnish brush is the best exterior brush for painting exterior surfaces and is available in 1,1 ½”, 2”, 2 ½” 3” and 4”. If you’d like a 3 pc set of these flat varnish brushes, check out our Swift Flat Varnish Brush 3pc set.

Cleaning is a breeze: simply rinse with water if you have painted with water based paints or clean with solvents if you have painted with oil based paints.

Need a flat brush for indoor surfaces? Check out our Swift Flat Brush-Stiff.

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1 review for Swift Flat Varnish Brush Masonry

  1. Steven Adickes

    The Swift Flat Varnish Exterior brush is the only brush I will use when appling Dryloc Masonary Waterproofer.
    The brush does not hold the sand granduals while appling the product. Before this brush, I used an older brush and the build up of product in the filaments was cause for throwing away instead of investing time to clean.

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