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Spirit Woven Paint Roller Smooth/ Semi Smooth

5.0 (1 review)


  • Woven paint roller for smooth/ semi smooth surfaces.
  • Short nap height.
  • 9” x 1 ½” diameter.
  • Good, all-round performance paint roller.
  • Low paint splatter.
  • Maintains shape during use.
  • High density fabric.
  • Good paint pick-up.
  • Thermo-bonded core.


The Swift woven paint roller is made with high elasticity fiber that keeps the roller cover’s shape in operation so that the fabric will not flatten out and the paint is delivered with little or no splatter onto whatever surface being painted. The fabric is made with polyester which has excellent bend recovery `and is woven rather than knitted giving it a more even and tighter construction.

Fibers are locked into position into the backing. The backing of this woven fabric is resinated . This gives a stiffness which allows a precise application of the fabric when winding onto the plastic core. As this process is being done, the fabric and the core are sealed by melting polypropylene, known as thermo-bonding, between the two components. In this way, the fabric is locked absolutely tight and, unlike the traditional gluing methods, will not come away from the polyamide core under any circumstances.

As with all our roller covers, these woven roller covers are then cut to size and bevel shaped at the ends to enable corner painting work. Finally, the fabric is combed, carded, and trimmed to prevent loose fibers and to give a good shape. Before painting, use a tray with a grid to load up the paint and ensure that excess paint is taken off the cover before painting. Our covers are a standard fit to any 9” roller frame, 4 wire, 5 wire or even economy cage-less frames.

The Spirit Woven Paint Roller is a professional quality item which can be cleaned out and re-used regularly. If you’d like to save time and money, you can store your rollers in our  Provinci Paint Roller Keeper system which will keep your roller fresh and ready to use for up to three months.

1 review for Spirit Woven Paint Roller Smooth/ Semi Smooth

  1. Zippy Decor

    Good coverage, easy to use and clean.

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