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Professional Radiator Paint Brush

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  • Ideal for painting behind the backs of radiators and other hard to reach areas.
  • Angled brush head.
  • Good paint loading.
  • High quality, long lasting synthetic filaments.
  • Available in 35mm and 50mm.
  • Long hardwood handle.
  • Stainless steel ferrules.
  • Technofil ®


The radiator paint brush is very popular in our European and UK markets. They are especially made to reach behind radiators to paint walls but also a very convenient for doing more difficult to reach areas when using a roller on a pole isn’t available of practical.

Our radiator brushes are made with long hardwood handles and have angled ferrules that bend the brush head inwards to make angled painting easier. All handles are made with sustainable hard wood  which has been weathered and kiln dried to reduce humidity and stabilize the wood. This means that our handles will not warp or bend.

The heads are made with long filaments shaped to allow for smooth release into tight corners with precision with handles that give a good balance for the user. At Pioneer, we have full control over the production of filaments. For brushes to be used with thinner paints, we produce filaments with softening agents ( polyester PBT) and smaller diameters.

For oval paint brushes to be used with thicker paints, we use filaments with stiffer properties ( polyester PET) and wider diameters. This gives the brush a smoother action when working with either low or high viscosity paints such as oils, stains, acrylics, latex,  or thinners.

As with all Technofil® formulations, whether soft or stiff, the shorter filaments are shaped to pick up paint whilst the longer ones are flagged to give smooth coverage without paint “tramlines”. Brush heads are made by hand and combed up to ensure straightness before gluing.

The gluing process is done with precision and care. Room temperature can affect the viscosity of the glue which can then affect the penetration of the filaments resulting in brush heads that can either be over-penetrated resulting in filaments that don’t bend the full way or under-penetrated which can lead to filament loss.

At Pioneer all of our gluing is done in temperature controlled rooms ensuring stability. We glue all brush heads over the ferrule ribs thereby providing a double lock that is then locked again during assembly.  Once the heads have been glued and the resin is properly set, they are then cleaned out with brush filaments being sanded, carded and flagged as the final step prior to steaming to shape, which ensures that the brush will maintain a tapered profile for precision painting throughout its lifetime.

Our Radiator paint brushes have a triple lock – we put a screw into the top of the handles and this is then inserted into the back of the brush head before the resin sets. This means that the resin bonds around the screw head creating an extra lock.  Our Radiator paint brushes are a true craftsman’s painting tool, ideal for cutting in and for both interior and exterior usage.

Pioneer brushes are easy to clean after use. Made with synthetic filaments, paints are not absorbed into the filament as they are with natural bristle but attach to the outside. To clean brushes used with water-based paints such as acrylic or latex, just rinse out under water. If using oil based paints, clean with solvents.



1 review for Professional Radiator Paint Brush

  1. Mark Z

    Well made and should last for a long time. Works very well, helping get the job finished properly.

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