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Provinci Paint Roller Keeper System

5.0 (4 reviews)


  • Stores all sizes up to 10”.
  • Keeps your rollers fresh for up to three months.
  • No need to wash out. Simply put into the keeper and seal.
  • Will not dry out even after multiple uses.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Ideal for professionals using paint colors regularly.


Have you ever wondered “how do you store a paint roller after use”? Look no further. Introducing the Provinci Paint Roller Keeper system, the best paint roller keeper for DIY enthusiasts, paint contractors and decorators .

The Provinci Paint roller keeper was first launched in Norway in 2016 and has enjoyed huge success in many markets across Europe. This tool is a clever new product that helps to store wet roller covers without the need for cleaning. It also means no wastage and no mess, making it ideal for professional painters and decorators using the same colors on multiple jobs.

Typically, a decorator may use up 3-4 colors as standard and cleaning out after use during the days wastes paint and time, both of which are costly. Yes, some decorators will wrap their roller cover in a plastic bag but this is a short term solution and often doesn’t prevent the paint from beginning to dry out even after a day.

With the Provinci Paint Roller Keeper, storing your paint rollers is quick, mess free, simple and effective, making future touch ups and second coats a breeze.

With this product you’ll be able to store roller covers wet, no need to clean or cling wrap them. This product has been specifically designed to not only eliminate paint wastage, but to also ensure that the paint on your roller is always kept fresh. With a hard and durable top section made from polypropylene to ensure strength and a soft grip base for easier extraction of the frame without mess, this storage system is a must have for any painter.

To preserve your paint roller, simply insert and twist the cap to seal the roller in an airtight roller. The roller keeper helps any paint left over on the roller cover stay fresh (the cap is shaped especially so that the roller can also be stored with the frame still on the cover if preferred) and ready to use by simply opening the lid, inserting the frame and extracting the cover.

The roller keeper will keep your rollers fresh for up to 3 months with no need to wash your covers in between uses. Which means your roller cover will be fresh and ready to use when you start your next home improvement project. This storage system will not only help you save time, but money too.

The paint roller keeper system works great with our Woven Paint Roller, Microfiber Paint Roller and Acrylic Paint Roller.

Additional information

Weight680 g

4 reviews for Provinci Paint Roller Keeper System

  1. Frank from Long Beach

    Wow, what a great product, I didnt think it would hold up to it’s description. I was using my roller in my garage, I was going to clean and put away as normal (I remembered that I purchase one a couple of months ago), I put the roller with paint on it and carefully secured it in the roller saver and I was busy with other jobs and 5 weeks later I remembered I had to finish inside wall and it worked!!!! What a great product.

  2. David Smith

    What a brilliant product! I never finish a room in one day so usually wrap my roller in a bag but this does a much better job. Easy to put the roller in and remove next day without getting covered in paint. The roller was as good as new on the second and third day!

  3. patrick

    really handy! saves a lot of hassles for washing! great product and worth the price.

  4. Gordon

    I built a rack for the back of the truck holding 4 of these. This way always have my main colours to hand instantly. Great idea!

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