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Spirit Oval Cutter Paint Brush

5.0 (1 review)


  • Longer paint brush handles for difficult to reach areas.
  • Perfectly balanced brush.
  • Excellent for use on rough surfaces.
  • High paint pick up.
  • Stiff formulation for acrylic and latex paints.
  • Available in 1 ½”,  2” and  2 ½”, sizes.


This Spirit Oval Cutter Paint Brush is the best exterior brush for when you need to reach more difficult areas. The innovative design of this brush which includes a long handle and an oval brush head gives a more controlled and precise quality of work, allowing you to paint in tight corners without any messes.

The brush guarantees excellent paint pick-up for your painting projects whilst the unique stiff formulation is ideal for modern acrylic and latex paint. The Oval Cutter Paint Brush is enhanced by the stainless steel ferrules which secures the brush head to the kiln stabilized beech wood handles.

Our handles are all made from beech wood that has been certified by the FSC, this means the wood used is only harvested from forests that are sustainably and responsibly managed. The bristles of the brush are made from long lasting synthetic filaments which ensures  high paint pick-up and it is excellent for painting rough surfaces. Our Oval Cutter Paint Brush head is steamed to shape, this means  it will maintain its oval shape for the lifetime of the brush ensuring high quality precision painting for years to come.

The brush is available in 1 ½”,  2” and  2 ½”, sizes.

If you are looking for other oval brushes that are perfect for indoor use, check out our Spirit Technofil Oval Paint Brushes or our Spirit Technofil Oval Paint Brush Set.

1 review for Spirit Oval Cutter Paint Brush

  1. peter george Samuel

    this is a really great brush. Loads up and delivers excellently.

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