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Summit Precision Paint Brush

5.0 (3 reviews)


  • Formulated with Technofil ® filament.
  • Designed for use with all water-based paints.
  • Excellent paint pick-up and calibrated release.
  • Kiln stabilized hardwood brush handles made from sustainable birch.
  • Brush heads steamed to shape to ensure a lifetime of precision painting.
  • Stainless steel ferrules.
  • Available in sizes 1”, 1 ½”, 2”, 2 ½”, 3” (30/40/50/60/80mm).
  • Extra comfortable grip.
  • For indoor usage.
  • Triple locked construction.
  • Permanent storage keeper to maintain shape.


Our Summit Precision Paint Brush is made with responsibly sourced hard wood beech which has been weathered and then kiln dried in our ovens to ensure humidity is where it should be and to stabilize the wood.

This is then machined cut to size and shaped before being finished and polished with matt wax which seals the handle to ensure stability over the lifetime you will be using the brush. Our handles will not deform.

Our paint brushes are made with longer filaments, extruded in such shape to allow for smooth release and have handles that give a comfortable grip for the user.

At Pioneer, we also design the filaments. For brushes to be used with thinner paints, we produce softer filaments (with polyester PBT) and smaller diameters.

For paint brushes to be used with thicker paints, we work with filaments with stiffer properties ( polyester PET) and wider diameters. This gives the brush a smoother action when working with either low or high viscosity paints such as oils, stains, acrylics, latex, or thinners.

As with all our Technofil ®  formulations, whether soft or stiff, the shorter filaments are designed to pick up paint whilst the longer ones are flagged and/or sanded to give smooth coverage without paint “speed bumps”.

Brush heads are meticulously made by hand and combed to ensure straightness before gluing. The gluing process is managed with precision and care.

Room temperature will affect the viscosity of the glue which can then affect the penetration of the filaments resulting in brush heads that can either be over-penetrated resulting in filaments that don’t bend the full way or under-penetrated which can lead to filament loss.

At Pioneer all of our gluing is done in temperature stable environment. We glue all brush heads over the ferrule ribs thereby providing an extra lock that is then additionally locked again during assembly.

Once the heads have been glued and the resin is set, they are then cleaned out with brush filaments being sanded, carded and flagged as the final step before we steam our Summit Precision Paint Brush heads to shape. This ensures that the brush will maintain its original characteristics for precision painting throughout its lifetime.

Pioneer brushes are simple to clean after use. One of the benefits of being made with synthetic filaments, paints are not absorbed into the filament as they are with natural bristle but stick to the outside.

After you finish painting with water-based paints such as acrylic or latex, just rinse out under water. If using oil based paints, use solvents instead.

These brushes also come with their own hard storage case. Once you have cleaned the brush, just put it into this case, even if still wet, and it will naturally dry whilst being protected and maintaining its tapered profile for the next use.

If you’re looking for a similar brush that can be used with oil based paints, check out our Spirit Renaissance Natural Paint Brush.

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3 reviews for Summit Precision Paint Brush

  1. Peter

    Superb product, holds the paint well and easy to clean.

  2. Carl Michael Westerman

    Simply the best paint brush I have ever had the pleasure to use.
    From the comfort of the handle grip, to the way the brush head holds its shape for ease of cutting in.

  3. Matthew Schmohl (verified owner)

    Outstanding brush! My new go-to for hand painting trim.

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